Hi Alex,

> What I'd like to know first: Is it necessary here that they both
> share a common database, or would it also be conceivable that each
> has its own database, and they just exchange information?

yes, I managed to "export" data from the admin part (at suitable
times) for the 24/7 part so that no db sharing or ipc happens.

> If you go with a common database, I would do it like this: The parent
> process only loads "lib/http.l" and a common "er.l", defines a function

Yes, I understand now;-)

>> As the http server forks new child process for each request, does
>> not it mean that for each request I would have to load whole app 1
>> code depending whether the request is for "app 1 server" or "admin
>> 1 server" if the parent must be just the one above?
> I would expect the server to fork a new child process only upon the
> first connect. Then the app code is loaded, and a session is
> started.

Here was the problem, I forgot that when session starts there is no
more forking to handle a request:-(

>> Sorry, I am missing something, where can I find this 'ext' function
>> and '*Ext' global?
> They exist since picoLisp-2.3.3. Is there no "doc/refE.html#*Ext"?

I cannot find it even in picoLisp-2.3.3 or the testing version:-(

Thank you,


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