Hello everyone, I couldn't find anything already created to this
effect so I sat down and did this, I even wrote a little about it

(de fac (Num)

   (let Res 1

      (for (N 1 (>= Num N) (inc N))

         (setq Res (* Res N)))))

(de switch (Lst P1 P2)

  (let (V1 (get Lst P1) V2 (get Lst P2))

      (place P1 (place P2 Lst V1) V2)))

(de permutate (Lst)

   (let (Result (list) Count 1 Start 1)

      (recur (Lst Start Result Count)

         (when (>= (fac (length Lst)) Count)

            (push Result Lst)

            (when (= Start (length Lst)) (setq Start 1))


               (switch Lst Start (inc Start))

               (inc Start)


               (inc Count)))

         (car Result))))

(permutate '(1 2 3))

I'm sure this could be done more efficiently and with less code,
anyone has any suggestions?

Anyway when this stuff - and I'm sure there is more like it - has been
sanitized/optimized maybe it could constitute some kind of extended
library, lib2.l maybe?

Cheers and happy new year!

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