Hi Alex,

>    : (lintAll)
>    -> ((order (bnd S)))

I tried it on the multi-method code and got a warning:

(de mmApply @
   (let ("N" (next)
         "A" (rest)
         "K" (mapcar type "A")
         "Mm" (filter '((M) (mmApplicable "K" (car M))) (get "N" 'mm)) )
      (ifn "Mm"
         (quit 'mm (list "No applicable method" "N" "A" "K"))
         (let mmNext '(()
                       (ifn (cdr (pop '"Mm"))
                          (quit 'mm (list "No other method" "N" "A" "K"))
                          (apply @ "A") ) )
            (apply (cdr (pop '"Mm")) "A") ) ) ) )

: (lintAll)
-> ((mmApply (use mmNext)))

A false positive? ('mmNext' can be called in the function under
'apply'.)  Maybe a dynamically scoped code is impossible to check

I also got:

-> ((xml (use Pre Nl)) (xml_ (bnd Nn N Pre Nl)) (xmlEsc (use @A)))

when run with the new lib/xml.l loaded.  The xml and xml_ are fine,
xmlEsc looks like it has unused @A.

Thank you,

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