Hi Alex,

> So with a page pointed to by "void" you can do anything you like,

No, you cannot compute the url where to click/redirect.  The url is
hardcoded in the 'void' page.

> I still don't understand why you think it is more user-friendly when
> the user is thrown back to the app's start page immediately instead
> of seeing an error page (though both behaviors are possible with the
> "void" as well as with your soution), or why it is not powerful
> enough.

That's not the problem, it can behave any of the above ways.  The last
example of the default server I sent implements exactly the kind of
page with timeout you described earlier.  The point is that there can
be many app start pages and with the current solution there is no way
to tell the url of the correct starting page when the session expires.

> I still believe the current solution is sufficient, and much
> simpler. It does not need additional concepts like a predefined
> application name, a session id schema, and a session error handling
> function. Also, a main server ("home.l") is not needed, which I
> don't have in most cases where there is only a single application.

But the old solution already has those concepts!  Application name is
not implemented in the code but we use the concept when deploying more
than one applications.  Not sure what do you mean by session id
schema, but this is there already as *SesId, I just included the
*optional* application name in the *SesId.  And session error handling
code is there already too, I just made it more explicit and
accessible, otherwise it does exactly the same thing.  And home.l is
not needed either in the new solution (home.l is about finding the
right app start start page based on human readable url/domain; my
changes do not touch this).


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