Hi Tomas,

> Why is 'use' + 'off' prefered to 'let'?

This is mostly a matter of taste. I think I use 'let' much more often
than 'use'; it is shorter and more readable.

   (use (@N @V @Z)
      (off @N @Z)


   (use @V
      (let (@N NIL @Z NIL)

are equivalent, and of equal size (9 cells each). If you omit the last
'NIL', the second version would even be shorter by one cell

   (use @V
      (let (@N NIL @Z)

So it is probably best if I change '_htSet' to

   (let (@V NIL  @Z NIL  @N)

even at the cost of (unnecessarily) initializing '@N' to 'NIL'. This
version is faster (only one function call) and smaller (7 cells).

Just for the fun ;-)

- Alex
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