Hi Alex,

> ok, ok, now as there is such a _huge_ demand for cookies ;-)


> I was always reluctant to include any cookie support at all, as the
> http and form frameworks are designed to work without them

Fair enough.

> I privately consider cookies a bad design issue.

I agree to some extent.  However, carrying session id in the url is
bad for other reasons (e.g. security...) and there isn't any decent
http authentication protocol available so using a cookie can be a
"dirty" workaround for tracking a session.

> Are you sure that this works as expected? 'mapc' with a function of
> seven arguments expects seven lists as arguments.

Sorry, it was an idea waiting for feedback about demand, not
production quality code:-(

> I have put this into the current testing version.  Please let me
> know if it is all right.

Thanks a lot.

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