Hi Alex,

1. What is the purpose of calling (wait) after (server 8080 "...")? It
will "wait" for what? What is the differences if (wait) is not called?

2. Could you explain how does "ht:" magic work?
   : ht:Prin
   -> NIL
   : (ht:Prin "xxx")
   xxx-> T
   : (ht:abc)
   ht:abc -- /usr/local/picoLisp/lib/ht: undefined symbol: abc

3. In the "Alerts and Dialogs" example in doc/app.html, there is a
call (dispose (: home top 1)), which is meant to remove enclosing form
(right?), but the problem is that 'dispose' does not exist!

4. What is 'Dn' in (dm set> (Val Dn) ...)? For what?

Best regards,
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