Hi Alex,

We should perhaps plan a few hours together soon, to get over the start bump.
I'll be online this evening for a while sometime. Perhaps give you a
call. I can give you an
ssh login to my machine, too, ....

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 7:34 AM, Alexander Burger<a...@software-lab.de> wrote:

>> $ as -n x86-64.linux.base.s
>> x86-64.linux.base.s:3:Unknown pseudo-op: .equiv
>> x86-64.linux.base.s:3:Rest of line ignored. 1st junk character valued 72 (H).
> Hm, is this in the Mac? The GNU assembler?

It says that it is, unfortunately, I do not have access at this
moment, but, yes, I checked that.

> It is extremely strange if it does not know the ".equiv" directive.

 - Rand
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