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On Mon, 24 Aug 2009, Henrik Sarvell wrote:

 I'm currently fetching data from a Java source which is giving me back
 XML (one of the world's biggest poker networks), it looks something
 like this:


 Everyone who really has to send A LOT of data back and forth ends up
 doing something like the above ;-)

No matter what, I still twitch when I see people reinventing the wheel the wrong way like with xml, json and stuff. S-exps are way more efficient and easier to parse than all that crap, and pre-date (If only it were "predate"...) them. Yet people keep messing with xml, html, json, etc, and

Oops, I was trying to say "predate" as in predatory, but ended up discovering 
(too late) that predate is the same as pre-date (antedate).

when one brings s-exps to the discussion, they say "lisp is dead, forget it" or some bullshit like that, or just disregard the comment silently and keep doing things the way they have been doing them so far.

 Anyway, given the above it made me smile reading that article.

 It's annoying that good marketing can impose such bullshit on our
 industry, I mean we're supposed to be more rational than most people
 aren't we?


 On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 10:47 AM, Randall Dow<r...@randix.net> wrote:
>  Must reading for anyone designing data storage!
> > > How XML Threatens Big Data
>  http://dataspora.com/blog/xml-and-big-data/
> > (and I will add, little data, too.) Anyone for WSDL? What a catastrophe. > > Flame bait:
>  --------------------------
>  Java was invented (mainly marketed) by Sun in order to increase HW
>  sales. Most of the big business where I have worked (banks, mobile
>  telecoms) could do with less than 1/4th (1/10th??) of the HW they have
>  today, if they used reasonable software. It is all Java, XML, Oracle,
>  and SOAP. =A0It is very appropriate that Sun is being eaten (for
>  dessert) by Oracle. Sun started by trying to change the world with
>  unix but has fallen prey to the mass Java marketing that they started.
> (ok, I didn't get all of that out of the article above, but it is my > opin=
>  --------------------------
>  Flame off!
> > Alex, I like picolisp and its data storage!
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