On Thursday 03 September 2009 02:00:39 Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> Hello everyone, I sat down tonight and ugly coded a Pico to JSON
> converter in JS, I documented it here:
> http://www.prodevtips.com/2009/09/02/pico-lisp-to-json-with-javascript/

Pretty nifty idea IMHO :)

The part of your regex where you match a quoted string:
could read
since an empty string is a proper string alright.

I don't know if what follows will work with JS's flavor of RegEx, but here goes 
my stab at it. The bit that matches a quoted string could read:


which says a string is composed of (non-quote character OR backslash-and-quote 
pair) repeated zero-or-more times.
I am not sure if you really need to put the double backslash in brackets, but 
it should not hurt ;)

Yay the first post to the group :)

Mateusz Jan Przybylski
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