On Sun, Sep 06, 2009 at 04:28:04PM -0300, TC wrote:
> I don't see it in the repo, maybe you forgot to _push_?

Ah, sorry, then we have a misunderstanding. As far as I remember, we
agreed that I will not push ongoing development code (i.e. the 64-bit
stuff), and we wait until 3.0 is finished.

I suggest that we wait till the beginning of October, then set up a
fresh initial repository (I considered the current one as experimental)
which will contain the whole system including the 32-bit stuff (but not
the 64-bit stuff, as this is still too much in a flow).

I'll continue with providing the base system releases, if possible in
three-month-cycles as before, and everybody is free to add and maintain
extensions in the hg repo.

Even better I would find if I would not have to care about the hg repo
at all, and some of our specialists (tc.rucho, hsarvell, ..) could take
the responsibility of adding/updating base system changes to the repo.

This means that only the responsibility of the base system stays with
me, and I would have to implement custom change requests manually as
before, but this would save me a lot of time in total. The
responsibility for custom extensions and modifications in the repo stays
with the individual who initiated them.

Is this ok?

- Alex
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