Hi Henrik,

> (rel title     (+Idx +String)) #
> ...
> The +Idx wasn't there when the feeds in question were first created, I
> added it because I thought it would be necessary or speed things up.


> (mapc '((F)(put!> F 'title (; F title))) (collect 'fid '+Feed))

This has no effect, because 'put!>' will not modify the object if the
new value is the current value, and therefore will also not modify or
create the index as a side effect.

The easiest is to use 'rebuild' to (re)build an index:

   (load "lib/too.l")
   (rebuild (collect 'fid '+Feed) 'title '+Feed)

> (mapc show
>    (solve
>      (quote @Str "big"
>         (select (@Feeds)
>            ((title +Feed @Str))
>            (tolr @Str @Feeds title)))
>      @Feeds ))

This query looks correct.

You could also try to dump the index directly

   (scan (tree 'title '+Feed))

- Alex
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