Hi Henrik,

> As of PicoLisp 3 *Post for instance is no more so the above wouldn't

That's right. Just for the info, '*Post' needs to be replaced by '*PRG'.
In the code in we discussed, however, it was not necessary any more.

> I'm unable to get the cursor to appear in them. The only lead I have
> on this one is that the pwd2 field is of course the only field that is
> not a part of the +User E/R.

Oops, my error. '+E/R' does not make sense in _all_ fields, as the
object is no longer created at the initial GET, but in the "Save"
button. '+E/R' automatically disables input fields when the form holds
no object.

So the solution should be (not tested):

(de register ()
         (form NIL
            (<grid> 2
               "Username" (gui 'uname '(+AlNum) 10)
               "Password" (gui 'pwd '(+PwdCheck +PwField) '(val> (: home pwd2)) 
               "Password Again" (gui 'pwd2 '(+PwField) 10)
               "Email" (gui 'email '(+TextField) 10)
               "Twitter username" (gui 'twn '(+TextField) 10)
               "Twitter password" (gui 'twp '(+PwField) 10) )
            (gui '(+Button) "Save"
                   ((db 'uname '+User (val> (: home uname)))
                      (err "Name not unique") )
                   ((<> (val> (: home pwd)) (val> (: home pwd2)))
                      (err "Password mismatch") )
                      (let Usr
                         (new! '(+User)
                            'uname (val> (: home uname))
                            'tw_pwd (val> (: home tw_pwd))
                            'tw_uname (val> (: home tw_uname))
                            'pwd (val> (: home pwd))
                            'email (val> (: home email)))
                         (cookie 'uid (put!> Usr 'uid (randNum> '+Gh 20)))
                         (redir) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

The two fields 'twn' and 'twp' are not used?

- Alex
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