On Tue, 10 Nov 2009, Javier wrote:
Hello, I'm new to the list and Picolisp.

I tried this, and obtained a segfault:

: ('(1 2) 6)
ViolaciĆ³n de segmento

But, if i try:

: ('(a b c) 6)
-> NIL

I mostly understand why, but it was a surprise that Picolisp responded with a 
segfault instead of an error.
Does this means that Picolisp doesn't check if a number is a function but it 
does when it is a symbol?

In that particular example, the problem is that a number can't be used as 

When you do:
: (de foo H

: (foo 1 2 3)
-> (1 2 3)

: foo
-> (H H)

so you can also do:
('(H H) 1 2 3)
-> (1 2 3)

If we take your first example and revert it to a 'de form we get:

: (de foo 1

I bet you know what happens here; you are trying to use a number as a variable, 
which is illegal -> crash (besides it does not make sense anyway)

Regarding the error, checking for these things is an unnecessary overhead.

- Arm

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