I am new to picoLisp. I investigate, if I can use it for a tool that could replace another one internal used currently wirtten in C++. picoLisp seem to be a nice fit.

But unfortunately I cannot get it to run properly under Snow Leopard! To build picoLisp correctly I had to add a '-m32' switch to the DYNAMIC-LIB-FLAGS in src/Makefile. Now I can compile and execute picoLisp and playing with it via e.g. dbg.l.

But if I try to start a more complex example like e.g. doc/hello.l or doc/family.l as explained in the documentation, picoLisp will start up fine, but if I try to access the application via a browser over, picoLisp will complain on the console with some

  36829 SIG-10

Sometimes one of such a line, sometimes a few ones. And it is not SIG-10 every time, but sometimes it will also come up with e.g. SIG-5 or such ...

Do anybody have an idea what the reason for this could be? Any hint, what I can do to spot the problem?

Thanks in advance for any idea you may have ...

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