Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Cle,

Hi Alex,

in the previous mail, I forgot to mention how to solve your problem.

If you generate facts or rules automatically, you could use the
functions 'asserta' and 'assertz'. They are not limited by the described
source file sequence restrictions.

thank you both for your detailed description and explanation about that behavior and for you work-around. I think you are right, that the behavior of (be ...) is correct and reasonable. Only if I did know sooner about it would have spared me some headache ;-)))

Coming from Prolog to Pilog using the 'assertz' predicate, after I detected the vanishing of my rules and find out of the reason, was the next thing I tried :-)

I should have mentioned it before but forgot, sorry. But now, as you mentioned it it is documented in our Pilog serie on the mailing list ;-)




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