Hello Henrik,

Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> I don't know exactly the circumstances of what you're trying to
> achieve,

ok, I will try to answer this in the next mail to Alex ...

> but if I were you and needed to access by unique id I would
> first use +Key in the relations:
> (rel id (+Key +String))

Ah, that makes sense! But it will only work for my id relation ... but I
will also access them by 'src' and 'tgt'.

> Then I would use (db) to access (like you do but without the Pilog):
> (db 'id '+Test "1")

Ok, I will try this too for sure ... thanks! :-)

> I think that's the fastest way, see also (collect) and (aux) for
> more utility functions that will let you access the DB without using
> Pilog.

But in the end, I *want* to use Pilog, I explain in the later mail. :-)


Thank you for your non-ending effort to answer my noob questions :-)


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