Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> Sure, Pilog works fine if you have something more complex, but you
> get quite far with (db), (aux) and (collect).


> Then you get all objects with D as src, I think you need to come up
> with something more complex in order to actually get to a reasonable
> real-world Pilog example.

My Pilog program will be complex. As I have written in my last mail to
Alex, I will have to traverse directed graphs egde by edge and ensure
rules are fulfilled. An easier rule could be formulated like this:

   Ensure, that for every path thru a train station beginning from every
entry signal up to the exit signal, there is no path longer than 500 m
without any intervening signal or auxiliary signal :-)

This could be nicely solved with Pilog :-)))

> My tutorial series has a few fairly simple Pilog examples here:
> http://www.prodevtips.com/2008/04/28/advanced-oodb-in-pico-lisp/

I had already a fly-over over your site, it is really nice done! I will
look at it again, though. But I think, I will have no problem with
Pilog, but more with the database thingy :-)



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