Recently I've been testing things additions to http.l in order to try
and consume Push feeds (

I've managed the whole sequence up till actually getting the feed
updates which are posted from the hub to my script by way of http POST
with the following headers:

Content-Length: 477
Accept-Encoding: gzipX-Hub-Signature:
User-Agent: AppEngine-Google; (+
Host: localhost:3000
Referer: http://localhost/
Content-Type: application/atom+xml

And the feed contents in the body.

I'm missing something fundamental because I'm not able to get at the
body using the following addition in the conditions in _htHead:

((match '(@Y "a" "t" "o" "m" @X) L)
  (setq *Xml (till)))

I was hoping I would get the whole thing in *Xml when using the above
but my test hub reports communication failure instead, replacing the
above with:

((match '(@Y "a" "t" "o" "m" @X) L)
  (setq *Xml "success"))

Works just fine though, I'm able to access *Xml and verify that it's
contents are in fact "success" later on.

So I assume that the above usage of (till) is a no no, but how do I
get at the contents if it is?


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