Hi Henrik,

> Alex, you mentioned on IRC how to handle/read chunked content and of
> course I forgot to save the buffer. Would you care to go through it
> again please?

This is fairly easy, when you use the functions 'ht:Out' and 'ht:In':

   (ht:Out T .. do printing ..)

does chunked output, and

   (ht:In T .. do reading ..)

the corresponding input. The first argument (here 'T') controls if there
is any chunking at all.

You could take the code in "lib/http.l", "lib/xhtml" and "lib/form.l" as
an example. The global '*Chunked' is set in '_htHead' depending on the
value of '*Http1', which in turn is zero or one, depending on the match
of the first header line. For example,

   ((match '("P" "O" "S" "T" " " "/" @U " " "H" "T" "T" "P" "/" "1" "." @H) L)

will set '@H' -> '*Http1' accordingly.

Then further operation calls (ht:Out *Chunked ...).

Besides this, you could also inhibit chunking simply by pretending to be
a HTTP/1.0 server. Look in the 'http1' function in "lib/http.l". It
outputs the response header depending on that global '*Http1', which
could also be set by the program (independent of what the client sent)
to zero before starting the response.

- Alex
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