Hi Cle,

>   (setq "*Signals" NIL)
>   (de _storeElement (@Queue)
>     (curry (@Queue) (Attributes . SubExprs)
>       (queue '@Queue Attributes)
>       NIL
>     )
>   )
>   (setq strml:Signal (_storeElement "*Signals"))

Here lies the problem. As value of the transient symbol "*Signals" is
NIL (from the 'setq'), '@Queue' is NIL when 'curry' runs.

>   (de strml:Signal (Attributes . SubExprs)
>    (queue 'NIL Attributes)

> on the prompt type:
>   : (setq strml:Signal2 (_storeElement "*Signals"))

Here you are in another 'load' environment, so "*Signals" is a new,
different symbol. That symbol's value is not set to NIL, so it is still
pointing to itself (auto-quoting of transient symbols).

The solution is simple: Just always quote the argument:

   (setq strml:Signal (_storeElement '"*Signals"))

- Alex
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