Cheers All

Here are my 5 cents to this.
First about the spelling:
The release version is named "picoLisp". So i consider this the correct spelling coming from Alex directly. also uses various types of spellings.

2nd about the wiki people:
gtf out of our way.

Wikipedia was intended to be a open knowledge basis. You can look up any big company name there and there are even tons of refernce links into those companys. The simple fact of the GPL License of picoLisp counts against the commercial argument they made.

So its all there and you can learn it , understand it (if !) and use it as the GPL says.

I my opinion, if wiki people keep acting like that , then picoLisp doesnt need em anyway. There are tons of other ways to populate picoLisp.


Jon Kleiser schrieb:
Cheer up, Alex!

Without some of your articles being mentioned on Lambda the Ultimate back in 2007, I would probably not have heard of PicoLisp. I'm glad I got to know it. In my opinion PicoLisp is a shining gem, and by studying it one can learn a lot about different and clever ways to do programming.

I now took a look at this: <>
Two things made me unsure if this was the same Lisp: It was "originally developed on the Apple Macintosh". Wow! ;-) And then the spelling: "PicoLisp", no space. It used to be "Pico Lisp", but you've obviously changed it. (I just wish it wasn't "Picolisp", lowercase "l".) Let's try to make that article stick! If we succeed, I'll make another try at donating some money to Wikipedia.

Keep up the good work! ;-)


On 1/4/10 2:01 PM, Alexander Burger wrote:
On Sat, Jan 02, 2010 at 10:05:06PM +0100, dexen deVries wrote:
sources', which seems to translate to press, including electronic. Or at le=
a few `high-profile blogs' etc. Best would is something peer-reviewed.

OK, my last try is the article in the German magazine c't. I've put a link
into the English and German versions.

Besides this, I'm extremely frustrated. I think I wasted too much time
on communicating (instead of using) PicoLisp during the last 8 years.

From now on I'll concentrate on my own work. I won't write any articles,
or propagate PicoLisp in any way. I'll answer questions in this mailing
list, though.

- Alex


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