Many thanks to all of you!

I'm all right again. Your comments and opinions helped me a lot. And:
Perhaps even the situation at the German site improved. At least there
seems to be some trend in the discussions in favor of the article.

Maybe it helped that Dexen pointed out the "`reliable sources', which
seems to translate to press,". I was not aware of the fact how critical
the relevance of references is, but now I planted the link to the
article in c't (which is probably the most renowned computer magazine in

I'm still not sure what is politically correct. For example, I would
like to include the link to Henrik's prodevtips. But I'm also reluctant
to flood the article too much. What do you think? At least it should be
somebody else (not me) inserting the link, as I'm glad to see that
somebody already posted the links to Lambda the Ultimate and John
Fremlin's blog. I didn't think about those.

> Two things made me unsure if this was the same Lisp: It was "originally
> developed on the Apple Macintosh". Wow! ;-) And then the spelling:

Yes, but this was a quite different system back then, on a Mac+/68k. The
knowledge about that system doesn't help me for today's Macs ;)

> "PicoLisp", no space. It used to be "Pico Lisp", but you've obviously
> changed it

Yes, there was quite some chaos throughout the docs, "Pico Lisp,
"Pico-Lisp", "PicoLisp". As it looked like it converged more and more
towards "PicoLisp" (perhaps because of the executable name and the
release file names), I changed all spellings in the system to that.

Thanks for Ohloh. Now I'm also registered :)

> BTW, it is really sad there's no public repo with PicoLisp;
> Ohloh would publish information on both activity (commits) and authors
> of those. So we could give `kudos' to them ;)

TC started a Mercury repository at We said that
it should contain all kinds of extensions and add-ons. Concerning the
core system, I would like for the moment to continue maintaining it
manually (there were already several contributions integrated), after
discussing possible changes/extensions to the core system.

- Alex

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