On Tue, 12 Jan 2010, Eugene wrote:
Very strange  !!!
Maybe it's a over zealous outgoing mail filter at my end.
It was only a very simple image.

Here's a fixed width courier font rendition.

      //  \\

Basically, it's like the three colour logo but with a bit more separation between the 'p' and lambda parts of the symbols. Someone with better graphics tools could pimp it up.

The thing is: lambda is not even a picolisp concept so having it eplicitly in 
the logo is kinda weird. The current logo has lambda, but as a side effect of 
putting 'p (pico), 'l (lisp) and giving it some dynamism (it looks like if it 
could spin).

PS: I use ThunderBird. For this message I changed the format to plain text only. Maybe that'll help.

I was wondering what kind of crippled email client were you using...
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