I'm currently working on putting indexes on remote to avoid write locks and
perhaps in the future speed things up.

The logic responsible for mapping objects (articles and words in my case) to
each other looks like this at the moment:

(dm sock> (A)
   (let SockNum (if (num? A) A (max 1 (/ (; A aid) 10000)))
         (: sock)
         (=: sock
            (let Sock (connect "localhost" (+ 4040 SockNum))
               (if Sock
                  (call "./p" "projects/rss-reader/word_index.l" "-" SockNum
"-go" "-wait" ">>" "index.log" "2>&1" "&")
                  (connect "localhost" (+ 4040 SockNum))))))))

If the server in question doesn't exist I want to start it and then connect
to it. The above is not working like I want it to, I suspect I need to fork
before calling or something similar.

However I don't want to create a child here but a completely separate
process. Could maybe (client) be used in some way or is there a better way?

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