On 02/21/2010 07:18 PM, Tomas Hlavaty wrote:
I've had a look at the new picolisp.org site today and discovered
picolisp-mode for Emacs.  I would like to replace my current
picolisp-mode which roughly I sketched long time ago with something
better.  However, the link http://arm.picolisp.org/picolisp-mode-1.1.tgz
doesn't work.  I can't even see the screenshot and videos actually.  Is
this just a temporary problem?

Aww, this is the second time already! I can't believe 'lighttpd' wasn't in my /etc/rc.conf (I would have bet my ass it was there, I added it a few days ago for the exact same reason... geez! did my rc.conf get replaced by some wicked package-manager auto conf script? weird...).

It should work now. However, you can grab the latest stable version from the devel picoLisp.tgz too. It's located in the lib/el folder.

I haven't touched it for a while due to exams and other duties, so I still haven't implemented documentation lookup. I have some ongoing work regarding autocompletion but it's far from complete (and to be honest, I rarely use it).

The videos are a bit outdated, they don't really reflect the picolisp-mode's current state but anyway, you'll find out once you try it.

If you have any problems, let me know.
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