Hi all,

now I modified the the 64-bit assembler, so that now 'fpic' (position
independent code) output is completely supported.

Until now, this was only needed for the 'ext' and 'ht' shared libraries.

But, unfortunately, on Mac OS, _only_ position independent code is
supported. So I had to do a major rewrite of "src64/lib/asm.l" and
"src64/arch/x86-64.l", in order to generate code for both standard and
position independent code.

As before, this can be controlled with the -fpic option to 'mkAsm' (see
"src64/Makefile" for the cases 'ext' and 'ht'). On the Mac this would
have to be switched on also for the core system (the 'baseFiles').

According to Randall, another problem could be that the Mac GNU
assembler uses some kind of ancient syntax. This might require further
modifications (or perhaps just a post-processor?).

- Alex
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