Hi all,

since yesterday, the first version of the wiki is running.

The entry point is at "http://home.picolisp.com";. The DB maintenance GUI
can be reached at "http://wiki.picolisp.com"; and the sources are
available in "http://software-lab.de/wiki.tgz";.

It uses a minimal markup syntax so far, but TC and Javier are working on
an extended version.

As you can see from the sources, the rest of the system is also _really_
minimal. It provides just for the most basic functionality. But I wanted
to have something up and running.

All members who have a test login since the first experiments, can log
in with their previous name/password and edit changes or replies. New
users can click the "Log in" link, and then the "Create account" button.
They'll be mailed an automatically generated password.

Concerning the logo: There were no clear votes, so we stayed with the
original, straight version. I hope this is OK for all who contributed
ideas (thanks to TC, Eugene, Jon, Boh Yap!).

- Alex
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