Hi TC,

> It should work now. However, you can grab the latest stable version
> from the devel picoLisp.tgz too. It's located in the lib/el folder.

found it, thanks!

> I haven't touched it for a while due to exams and other duties, so I
> still haven't implemented documentation lookup. I have some ongoing
> work regarding autocompletion but it's far from complete (and to be
> honest, I rarely use it).

doc lookup would be great.  And maybe something like eldoc-mode?

> If you have any problems, let me know.

I like the autoindenting/formatting feature a lot.  It doesn't format
exactly as Alex does, but it's very close and probably wouldn't be hard
to fix.  I can't remember where I saw that at the moment, but I think it
was something with indenting 'case' or so.

Thank you,

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