Hi Olle,

> (1) installing ... yes I did exactly what the INSTALL says .... was
> so lazy that I even copied that text from INSTALL and pasted into
> the shell ;-)

OK, that's good :-)

> (2) Pack vs pack. I see. Pack does some HTML/HTTP specific job. I
> was thinking along the lines of hacking a new Pack based on pack.

Yes, but there are several functions called from those libraries.

> But now I see that it is probably simpler to wait for the original
> to be updated.

That's the problem. I have no idea what goes wrong. I assume you are
also using Cygwin. The poster in the forum who observed the same problem
as you under Cygwin wrote that the DlLs are all there.

So it must be a dlopen() / dlsym() runtime problem. Perhaps something in
Cygwin changed? Or something in PicoLisp changed which doesn't work in
Cygwin? Not that I'm aware of the latter, I compared the relevant code
with old releases.

It looks like we need somebody who debugs the problem on Cygwin. What
exactly goes wrong (is the library not found, is the symbol (here:
'Pack') not found in the library? And why? etc.

Anyway, thanks for pointing out the problem!

- Alex
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