I'm trying to include an image in a document in my local wiki, but the
image won't show. This is what I do:

When I'm in Edit mode, I type a name, say MyImg, into the "Specify a name"
field, then I click the "Chose File" button (I use Safari on Mac) and
selects a .jpg file, then I click the "Upload directly" button. "MyImg" is
then listed under Media. In the big edit area I then enter >{MyImg} and I
save. I see no image, just the text "MyImg" where the image should have

I have also tried this with Firefox on Mac. No image showing there either.
Then I thought maybe the problem is to do with "uploading" something from
my Mac to the wiki on the same Mac, so I decided to try it at
picolisp.com. There it worked. The result can be seen here:

I believe this probably isn't really a PicoLisp wiki problem.


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