Hi Jon,

> As I did so, I found that it would have been nice to have a markup
> code to produce a <br/> break. What about &{} ? (I haven't checked

Good idea! I think '&' is a good choice.

Using empty braces {} is a bit of waste, so I suggest to use the syntax
&{3}, specifying a count argument. With that, &{2} is equivalent to the
double line break which is generated at the end of a paragraph (an empty
line in the markup).

In fact, I've implemented it now, and released the code. Is this OK for
everybody? Or should we use some other character than '&'?

> whether our wiki markup follows other more established wiki markup
> systems.)

Not that I know of. I don't remember exactly, but the current syntax was
thought up by Javier and myself (I'm using an analog syntax since
several years for TeX generation in "lib/tex.l")

- Alex
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