Hi Henrik,

> Anyway, I've attached the JS and an example index.html that has some
> PicoLisp in it.

Nice. Thanks!

As some people know, I personally have problems with syntax highlighting
in Lisp (not to say that I don't like it ;-), because I believe that as
Lisp has almost no *syntax*, there is also not much meaning in a syntax

As everything is a function, it is kind of arbitrary to highlight some
atoms in the CAR of a list as a built-in function, and some not. This
will never be really correct, as everything is subject to change over
time. It is hard to keep those symbol lists in sync. And in an
s-expression it is not trivial to determine if this is actually a
function call or just a list of atoms. In the general case, this is
rather confusing than helpful, imho.

Until now, I staunchly refused to put any syntax highlighting except for
comments, and the transient symbol underlining, into my ".vimrc".

Having said this, however, I'm willing to include your JS part into the
Wiki, if a democratic majority votes for it. Until now I found myself
rather standing alone with my opinion, so I suspect that many people
will like it.

Here my request to all: Should we extend the Wiki for syntax
highlighting in that way? If so, what appearance would you prefer?

- Alex
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