Hi Alex, I just took a look at the old java gui download.

To recap some discussion that has been going on on IRC for all the
rest, I want to be able to use the logic you created for the old Java
GUI but in a more general fashion, both as it was intended,
communicating with a running JVM from PL. But also maybe as a way of
using PicoLisp as a database solution where Java would be responsible
for serving pages and so on.

Anyway, I found lib/java.l which seems to contain the logic needed on
the PL side with pr, rd and out, I recognize this from the ext stuff
when I pr to a socket.

However, I don't get the fifo stuff, I thought this stuff would work
basically exactly like setting up a remote to use a port (the task
fork routine) and then having the Java end use the code in inOut.java
to print to and read from this port?

Btw there are two java folders, java and java2, what is the difference?

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