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> Hi Edwin,
>> 'pool' and 'journal' answered my questions. thanks for the fast response!
> Yes, 'pool' is the right place.
> Please note that 'journal' has strictly speaking not much to do with
> ACID. It writes a protocol of changes (a journal file) to some other
> database, and is used for life-mirroring a database (typically with
> "bin/replica") on a remote machine.

oh. wrong conclusion from here. thank you.

> The relevant argument to 'pool' here is 'sym3'. If given, a file with
> that name is maintained during 'commit', into which all data modified
> during a transaction are written first, then secured with fsync(), then
> the data are actually written to the db file. If the process is killed
> (e.g. with -9) during that process, no data will be lost, as at the next
> start (call to 'pool') and automatic rollback will be done. Thus, no
> other function like 'journal' is involved here.

check. thank you for the follow up.

> Cheers,
> - Alex
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