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From: Daniel Elliott <danelliotts...@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 8:45 AM
Subject: PicoLisp Browser GUI example error
To: a...@software-lab.de, josef.ba...@2bartl.de

Mr. Burger and Mr. Bartl,

Thank you for your work on PicoLisp. =A0It is absolutely perfect for an
important portion of a agricultural system prototype my startup is
building. =A0We want to use PicoLisp on a device running OpenWRT. =A0We
have already successfully built and installed PicoLisp on the device
with the help of Jeronimo Pellegrini's package.

However, I am having difficulty with the "Browser GUI" example. =A0When
I run picolisp this is what I get:

r...@openwrt:/usr/share/picolisp# pico dbg.l lib/http.l lib/xhtml.l
lib/form.l -'server 8080 "~/helloworldhttp.l"'
tput: can't exec
tput: can't exec
[/usr/bin/../share/picolisp/lib/debug.l:147] !? (in l...@lib/tags
(while (read) (let Sym @ (if (get Sym '*Dbg) (set @ (read)) (put Sym
'*Dbg (cons (read)))))))
/usr/bin/../share/picolisp/lib/tags open: No such file or directory

Is it looking for a tags.l file in the lib? =A0If so, it is not present.

Thanks, again, for your work on this language. =A0We are hopeful we will
be able to use it for other parts of our system (perhaps in place of
common Lisp) but are starting with running it on an embedded device.

By the way, is there a better place to post this question?

Thank you.

- dan elliott
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