Jeronimo's cross-compile is working very well and he has been a great resou=

I think the prospect of sharing code between an embedded device and an
application server is pretty cool.  Is was the best selling point to
get me into PicoLisp.

- dan

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 6:28 AM, Jeronimo Pellegrini <> wrote=
> Hello,
> This is a somewhat late[0] announcement of PicoLisp packages for
> OpenWRT.
> OpenWRT is a Linux distribution for embedded devices such as wireless
> routers. Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt
> provides a fully writable filesystem with package management.
> The packages on that page are for version 3.0.3 of PicoLisp.
> There are also instructions on that page for running OpenWRT
> under qemu (which is useful for testing and staging).
> Since these packages will run on embedded devices, I have tried
> to include only what seemed necessary.
> All .l files in the top and lib/ directories and the binaries in bin/
> are copied to the package after compilation, plus the pico and pico-dbg
> scripts and the lib/ht binary.
> I have not included localization files (lo/), the files in misc/,
> games/ and app/ =A0-- but I'll be glad to make a larger version of
> the package with these if there are people interested (but check
> the available space on your device first, and compare it with the
> size of these directories otherwise the package wouldn't be installable
> anyway).
> I hope the packages will be useful!
> Jeronimo Pellegrini
> [0] I wasn't aware that there was a mailing list for PicoLisp until
> Daniel Elliot pointed me to some discussion here
> --

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