Hi Jeronimo,

> I'm not sure if it would be OK for an OpenWRT package to have
> executables outside /usr/bin, but I certainly can get things to
> work so users can call "pil" and not "pico".

I understand.

"/usr/bin/picolisp" doesn't need to be a link then, just a 'mv' of the
binary to "/usr/bin" (as is already now the case) will do.

The second link, "/usr/lib/picolisp", is no problem?

I should tell that the latter link has a double function: Besides
providing normal access to "lib.l" in "/usr/lib/picolisp/", it is used
by the binary to locate its installation directory.

If these two entries exist, it is very convenient to write directly
executable picolisp scripts, by using

   #!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l

as the first line ("bin/pil" is just an example for that). I would
imagine that especially in embedded systems this might be desirable.

- Alex
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