Hi Edwin,

> no problems with the link flags as far as i can tell. it compiles cleanly.


> diverging a bit. what's picolisp's protocol of loading shared libs?

A simple dlopen() followed by dlsym(). This happens e.g. in "src/main.c"
in the sharedLib() function.

> the errors i posted earlier comes *after* i stop the browser from
> waiting for the request.

Hmm, probably upon the first access to a function in the shared object
file. I'm not sure at the moment exactly _when_ the first of those
functions is called.

You could try manually som functions from "lib/ht", e.g.:

   $ ./dbg
   : (ht:Prin "a<b&c>d")     
   a&lt;b&amp;c&gt;d-> "a<b&c>d"

   : (ht:Fmt 'abc "def" 123 (4 5 6))
   -> "$abc&def&+123&_+4_+5_+6"

If this works, we are done :)

- Alex
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