Hi Jakob,

> I quote from
> http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#DocumentationLicenses 
> which is an excellent page by the way.


> But MIT license for everything would make me be quiet and happy, too.

OK, I see. I must say that I also more and more tend to MIT/X11. It is
so very short and simple! Almost nothing left to be confused :-)

> > You could ask Mansur Mamkin to send you a copy of his book ;-)
> Is he working on a book? If it was mentioned on the list I must have
> missed it.

I'm not sure if he mentioned it also here, or only on IRC. Perhaps he
can say more to it, but he collected references and other available
documentation, and had a friend produce a bound copy.

@Mansur: Would you mind sending your nice picture to this list? It is
really a beautiful design :-)

- Alex
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