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On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 10:19 PM, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> wr=
> You could try manually som functions from "lib/ht", e.g.:
> =A0 $ ./dbg
> =A0 : (ht:Prin "a<b&c>d")
> =A0 a&lt;b&amp;c&gt;d-> "a<b&c>d"
> =A0 : (ht:Fmt 'abc "def" 123 (4 5 6))
> =A0 -> "$abc&def&+123&_+4_+5_+6"
> If this works, we are done :)

made ext.c and ht.c as part of the picolisp binary by editing the
makefile. also tweaked tab.c (and io.c, flow.c since there were
clashing symbols there) and pico.h to include the missing protoypes.

gave the examples above a run and it did go thru. :)

now i gave the wiki a go, and here's what i got:

e...@obsddev $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main wiki/init.l -go
!? (id (car *WikiHome) (cdr *WikiHome))
NIL -- External symbol expected

also gave the app a swing. i got the front page to display! but:

e...@obsddev $ ./dbg app/main.l -main -go
: !? (- *Cnt (setq *Get (format *Get)))
1 -- Number expected

time to dive in the code i guess. any hints to move to the right
direction would be great.

thank you.

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