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On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 09:19:23PM -0700, Doug Snead wrote:
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> # make a tags file for pico lisp source files.
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As I understand it, this is not exactly what Edwin intended. I think he
wanted a tags file for the main interpreter functions written in C.

Also, the tags for Lisp functions can be obtained easily, as the file
and line number are stored in each symbol under the '*Dbg' property, and
can be used like:

   : (vi 'vi)

Generating the tags for C level functions is a lot trickier, as the
symbols have to be parsed from "src/tab.c" to get their name in C (e.g.
'+' -> 'doAdd'), and then the actual source located (e.g. in "big.c").

For the 64-bit versions, the file and line info in '*Dbg' is also
available for the built-in functions (asm instead of C), but
unfortunately not for the 32-bit version.

- Alex
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