Hi Alex,

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> Hi Edwin,
>> i can't find anything on how to run tests that come with the source
>> distribution. anybody has an URL or a clue how to do this?
> Do you mean the unit tests residing in the "test/" directory?


> They are started via "lib/test.l", with a somewhat special command
> (written as a comment in the beginning of "lib/test.l"):
> =A0 $(/bin/pwd)/p lib/test.l -bye
> This special path syntax for 'p' is necessary so that the functions
> checking pathes and the current working directory return the expected
> results.
> When all goes well, "OK" is printed, otherwise an error handler is
> entered:
> =A0 $ $(/bin/pwd)/p lib/test.l -bye
> =A0 OK

great. thank you. :)

more stuff to do for me. i want this to pass on openbsd. in due time. :)

> Cheers,
> - Alex
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