Hi Alex,

> Do you need this kind of setup for some special reason? After all, the

not really. i was just using it for tests. i didn't even give port 80
a shot yet. :).

> main purpose of 'httpGate' is to proxy all requests to the default port
> to app-specific ports like 8080. If you pass :3000 to the browser, you
> could as well directly pass :8080.
> If such a setup were indeed necessary (e.g. because you have no
> permission to start 'httpGate' at port 443, but you need it for HTTPS),
> then the protocol between 'httpGate' and the application server would
> need to be extended a little, passing the alternate port (3000). No big
> deal, but it seems nobody needed that until now ;-)

it's not necessary. yet. i was on the 'completeness' frame of mind.
"if this works on port 80, then it will work with other ports as

will try the usual port and if i don't succeed, then it will be a concern.


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