Hi Henrik,

> I have no idea either, very weird. I also tested to simply pass (1 2 3
> 4) and using your updatePresentFeed function, however I put (traceAll)
> at the top of updatePresentFeeds, this is what I get:
>  task : -1000 (0 Pid NIL Cycles 0 Feeds Feeds (cond ((nand Pid (kill

'traceAll' doesn't help here very much, as it traces only Lisp-level
functions which are not called here (except 'task' itself). You need to
trace explicitly functions you are interested in, or set breakpoints.

Anyway, does the posted code work on itself, if you just 'load' it into
a ./dbg environment? That's how I tested it.

> Can you think of anything at all that might be interfering with the
> task execution, for instance running two servers/tasks listening on
> different ports at the same time in this very same parent?

This should not matter.

You could manually insert a breakpoint into the code to have it
stop when the task is executed:

      Cycles 0
      Feeds Feeds
      (! cond
         ((nand Pid (kill Pid 0))
            (if (pop 'Feeds)

This will cause it to stop just before the 'cond'. Then you can single
step into the expression(s) to see what happens.

- Alex
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