Slightly orthogonal: Where doe sone *get* Plan9?
I tried the official site and got no joy from any download link at all.

On Mon, 13 Sep 2010 13:58:46 +0530, Vijay Mathew
<> wrote:
> I compiled the full PicoLisp natively on Plan9, without using GCC. I
> am planning to replace the POSIX/Sockets functions with Plan9's
> simple, 'file io' style interface for networking, cpu sharing etc.
> Plan9 specific features like channels, graphics and threads will be
> added so that Pico can be used as a full 'systems' language for that
> OS. As there will be so many changes and new low-level functions, do I
> have to call this port "SomeLisp derived from PicoLisp"?
> Thanks,
> -- Vijay

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