Hi Tomas,

> Just to note, you are also measuring startup time of the JVM which might
> be considerably slow compared to picolisp.  In that sense, your
> ErsatzLisp might have unfavourable timings in regard to pure
> interpretation.

Yes, I'm aware of that. Still, if I just put (bye) into a file 'y'

   $ time cat y |ersatz/picolisp 
   real  0m0.098s
   user  0m0.040s
   sys   0m0.032s

this startup time is rather negligible.

> Did you type anything into the text field?  The example is very
> simplistic so it expects an integer value in the text field when you

Yes, as I wrote in my previous mail, that field doesn't respond. That
is, it doesn't accept any keystrokes. But now it occurs to me that these
problems might as well have to do with my minimalistic setup. I'm using
just plain 'fvwm', no desktop manager etc. In the 1990s, this still
worked, though ;-)

- Alex
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