On Nov 5, Alexander Burger scribed:

> Hi Dave,
> How did you stop the server? Once the process has bound the port 4040,
> it will release it only if you close the socket descriptor that was
> returned from the call (port 4040).

Thanks Alex.  C-c C-c in emacs gets me ! prompt, and then (quit) gets me a
: prompt.  I also modified http.l:server to watch for a file to show up in
the directory and if it does, to exit the loop and return.

I figured it out.  I tried to capture the descriptor using (port 4004 'QS)
and close that later (I misunderstood the docs).  It didn't work.
Changing the code to
  (let QS (port 4040)
    (task QS ...)
    (close QS) )

now works.  Thanks!

I'm trying to use picoLisp for a project on a hosted server.  I'm trying
to write a wrapper in PHP to let the app server run the way it's designed
and let users access the app via SSL.  I can't be the first one to try
this.  The modification to the server to watch for a file is so I can stop
the picolisp process without root access to the box.  That's working fine.


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