Hi Alex,

> Thanks. If I start it with (load "swing9.l"), it shows the window with
> the text, but it doesn't scroll. It seems that the actual scroll logic
> is missing.

it doesn't rotate the string because 'rot' and 'do' are not implemented
in wl yet.  However, all the other stuff is in place.  Can you see the
timer and click messages in the terminal?

> No. The single interface argument is just for convenience. You can also
> pass a list of interfaces
>    (interface '("java.awt.event.ActionListener" ..)


>> 2) It is not possible to create one handler for many events and be aware
>>    of which event was invoked.
> Why not? The event is passed in as an argument and can be inspected.

So I would have to do something like:

   (de handler (Ev) ...)

   (java Label 'addMouseListener
      (interface "java.awt.event.MouseListener"
         'mouseClicked 'handler
         'mouseEntered 'handler
         'mouseExited 'handler
         'mousePressed 'handler
         'mouseReleased 'handler ) )

and then inspect Ev?


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