Hi Tomas,

> it doesn't rotate the string because 'rot' and 'do' are not implemented
> in wl yet.  However, all the other stuff is in place.  Can you see the
> timer and click messages in the terminal?

Yes, that worked well.

> >> 2) It is not possible to create one handler for many events and be aware
> >>    of which event was invoked.
> >
> > Why not? The event is passed in as an argument and can be inspected.
> So I would have to do something like:
>    (de handler (Ev) ...)
>    (java Label 'addMouseListener
>       (interface "java.awt.event.MouseListener"
>          'mouseClicked 'handler
>          'mouseEntered 'handler
>          'mouseExited 'handler
>          'mousePressed 'handler
>          'mouseReleased 'handler ) )
> and then inspect Ev?

Yes. Usually you'll pass different handlers for the individual events
anyway, I suppose.

The function 'handler' doesn't need to be quoted here

>       (interface "java.awt.event.MouseListener"
>          'mouseClicked handler
> ...

and I would probably write them directly inline in most of the cases

      (interface "java.awt.event.MouseListener"
         'mouseClicked '((Ev) ..)

- Alex
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